Sunday, 25 February 2018

Writing an Excellent Story That Connects People

Even with excellent writing and an extremely compelling storyline, people will not consider your novel or movie "great" if the heroes are perceived as clueless idiots. Learn about the environment within which your heroes work and what an intelligent investigator or intelligence officer would do. It could open a whole new world for you as a novelist or screenwriter.

The important point is that, down the line when the storm that brewed out of this one book gathered momentum and became a typhoon, only a couple of people questioned the veracity of the whole thing.

I think it's so important to stay connected to the heart and our reason-asking continually, is it true? Does it make sense? What motivation is behind all this? Who what where and why? Greatess is one of the websites that

In the story, people who do ask about the truth are punished to the extreme in service to making a good story. Who knows if it would happen that way in the 'real' world? I don't.

But it still doesn't stop me from asking my own questions, rather than straight-out belief in what I see and read and hear. Check out Greatess for a wide assortment of bestselling books online.

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